Biggest Event Venues in Bulgaria and seating capacity

Hall 1 NDK seating capacity and seats available

Arena Armeets capacity

Arena Armeets is a multi-purpose indoor arena, mainly used for sports and musical concerts. Seating capacity is 12 373 seats. 3500 of those seats can be hidden. For musical concerts with people standing without seats, the capacity can go up as high as 14 000 – 15 000 people.

Hall 1 NDK capacity

NDK is the Bulgarian National Palace of Culture. It was built in the 80s. Its main purpose was to host the biggest cultural events, communist party meetings and big international events.

Seating capacity of Hall 1 NDK is 3200 seats. For live musical concerts, the orchestra pit can be used for extra seats and the number of seats can go up as high as 3400-3500.

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