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The top Bulgarian stand-up comedians at the biggest stand up comedy show in Bulgaria.

Stand up comedy in Bulgaria started in 2012, when the club Sounds Like started something like on Open Mic show once every 2 months.
This was where the first professional comedians in Bulgaria – Ivan Kirkov and Vasil Nojarov met.

stand up comedy Vasil Nojarov Ivan Kirkov
Ivan Kirkova and Vasil Nojarov are the first professional stand-up comedians in Bulgaria.

Ivan Kirkov was running a successful business in Austria and went back to Bulgaria in 2012 in order to invest in stand up comedy and make it more popular in the country.
In 2012 he started the company Comedy BG and started promoting stand up in the country. Just 3 years later, Ivan opened The Comedy Club Sofia – the first and only Comedy Club in Bulgaria.
Vasil Nojarov and Nikola Todoroski were the club’s first residents.
Ivan Kirkov with Jimmy Carr and Dominik after Jimmy Carr’s stand up comedy show in Czech Republic.

2016 was a successful year for Bulgarian stand-up comedy. After inviting Jimmy Carr to perform for the first time in front of Bulgarian audience, Ivan Kirkov organized the 3rd Comedy Festival Sofia 2016 and continued work with The Comedy Club Sofia, which now had 8 professional regular comedians already.
stand up comedy Bulgaria
Bulgaria’s top professional stand up comedians on The Comedy Club Sofia’s stage.

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