Ivan Kirkov – Bulgarian Stand-up Comedian

stand up comedy promoters Petya and Ivan Kirkov
Ivan Kirkov and Petya Kypova after an Open Air stand-up comedy show in Plovdiv.

Ivan Kirkov is one of the most famous Bulgarian stand-up comedians. He began his career in 2011 when he went to an Open Mic show in Vienna. A year later he goes back to Bulgaria and starts the first Bulgarian production company fully dedicated to stand-up comedy.

In 2014 Kirkov founded the first Comedy Festival Sofia. The festival gathers a strong line up of European comedians. One year later, Ivan Kirkov opens the fist Comedy Club in Bulgaria, called “The Comedy Club Sofia”. He starts looking for fresh talent and in 2016 finds 6 of the biggest comedy stars in Bulgaria, including Nikolaos Tsitiridis, Alexander Deyanski, Vasil Nojarov, Niki Bankov, Filip from Comedy Club Sofia, Hristo Radoev and Petya Kyupova.

Ivan Kirkov with Jimmy Carr and Dominik after Jimmy Carr’s stand up comedy show in Czech Republic.

Kirkov has promoted most of the world wide stars’ stand-up comedy shows in Bulgaria: Jimmy Carr and Dylan Moran in 2016, Eddie Izzard and Daniel Sloss in 2017, Daniel Sloss and Stephen K. Amos in 2018, Louis C.K. and John Cleese from Monty Python in 2019 and so on.

Ivan Kirkov (right)

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