Open mic in Sofia

Open Mic is the show where everyone can get on the stage of Comedy Club Sofia and has the opportunity to feel what it is like to be on the stage of the first and only, so far, Comedy Club in the country.

Try yourself as a comedian. Come to our Open Mic shows.
The Open Mic is the most important tradition of Comedy Club Sofia.

Open Mic is one of the most important traditions in stand-up comedy and one of our favorite shows. It is the place from where all the professional stand-up comedians started their careers.

Become part of the family of Comedy Club Sofia!
To participate:

  1. Write your own jokes (without memes and/or 9gag)
  2. Come with friends ready to have fun and support you
  3. Write us a direct message(on FB or IG) to confirm your participation and bring your good mood.


  1. A chance to participate in a professional show at Comedy Club Sofia
  2. A bottle of whiskey
  3. T-shirt of Comedy Club Sofia
One of the first Open Mics from the regular comedian Tsvetomir Pavlov

The first time on stage is always disturbing, but remember that everyone in the Comedy Club has been through this and absolutely no one will judge you for anything. Be as calm as you can and concentrate only on your material.

NPC - Open Mic
The latest show in the National Palace of Culture of Bulgaria

Overcome the fear so you have the opportunity to get on the biggest stages in the country, just like the other comedians from the Comedy Club. 🙂

Get the newest information for the open mic shows from our Facebook page.
For more information about the comedy worldwide and in Bulgaria: Comedy.BG

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